Source code

The source code can be found on the following github account.

Download the source code

Just issue the following command

git clone


Make sure you have the following packages:

  • qemu
  • mtools

If you are on ubuntu, you can install these packages using the following command:

apt-get install mtools qemu

You can check what packages are missing by issuing the following command

make configure

Test your first example

  1. Set the POK_PATH variable
    export POK_PATH=/where/you/have/the/pok/sources
  2. Configure your runtime by typing the following command.
    cd $POK_PATH
    make configure

    The x86 architecture should be configured. If not, install the missing packages.

  3. Go to the example and compile
    cd examples/semaphores
    make all
    make run

You should see QEMU starting with the compiled program.