POK is a real-time embedded operating system for safety-critical systems. It relies on a micro-kernel architecture that isolates applications and drivers in time and space. It is compatible with POSIX and ARINC653.

The kernel was designed to be very small and targets full verification/certification: more than 90% of the kernel code if covered. It currently runs on x86, PowerPC and Leon architectures.

Important security information (september 2018) On September 12 2018, we have been made aware of a vulnerability in POK by Stephane Duverger from Airbus Group CERT. Theres is the description of the vulnerability: " The POK micro-kernel is vulnerable to partition space segregation overflow vulnerability due to failure to properly validate user provided pointers during system calls. As a consequence, a malicious user partition code is able to read and/or write out of the memory space dedicated to its partition." We are currently working actively to provide a patch that will be committed within the next few days. We wanted to make the POK community aware of this issue. We would like to thank Stephane for helping the POK community.

You can read about the security disclosure here on the issue tracker.