What is POK?

POK is a partitioned operating system, which means it isolates drivers and applications in time and space. No driver/application can use more than its allocated resources.

The concept of partitioned architectures is introduced in ARINC653 and MILS standards. POK is fully compatible with these standards.

Why POK isolates applications?

Drivers and applications isolation is done for safety and security reasons. By isolating in space, we make sure that each partition cannot access other address space.

Time isolation means that each partition has enough time to be executed. We guarantee that a function has the timeslice it requires to be executed and no other application can preempt it.

By using a minimal micro-kernel and separating each component in each own partition, we also facilitate the system analysis and certification.

What is AADL?

AADL is a modeling language that describes system architectures. We use this language has a frontend to model and validate the architecture and generate the configuration and runtime code.

What is Ocarina?

Ocarina is an AADL toolsuite that is used to process AADL models and generate configuration code for POK. You can get the source code of Ocarina on the Ocarina github page.

No worries, you can use POK without Ocarina.

Can I use POK without AADL ?

Yes, but you lose code generation benetifs and need to write the configuration and runtime code yourself.

How much does it cost ?

POK is a free-software (free as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”): the code is released under the BSD license. You can modify, adapt code and join our developer team.

What is JetOS?

POK has been forked and re-licensed under the GPLv3 by ISPRAS under the name JetOS. You can find the source code of the fork here. This fork is actually used for commercial airplanes in Russia: “There is already a working prototype of the RTOS, operating on the platforms of domestic developers. A certification package that meets the requirements of the Russian aviation authorities is planned to be received in accordance with the concluded contracts at the end of 2019”

Who provides support for POK?

There might be available support through different companies. Reblochon provides commercial support for POK.