Compile and install PowerPC toolchain

This has been done on Linux and Mac OS X. At this time, the PowerPC toolchain does not work on Windows.

The target is powerpc-elf. So, you have to build binutils and gcc for this target. First, build and install binutils. Then, compile gcc.

It has been tested with the following versions :

binutils : 2.19
gcc : 4.4.0

Build and install binutils

  1. Download the lastest version of binutils
  2. Untar the archive
  3. Invoke configure for the powerpc-elf target: ./configure --target=powerpc-elf
  4. Compile and install : make all install

Build and install gcc

Be sure that the pre-compiled binutils are in your PATH variable

  1. Download gcc
  2. Untar gcc (tar zxvf gcc….tgz)
  3. Create a separate directory to build gcc (mkdir build)
  4. Enter this directory (cd build)
  5. Configure gcc distribution : ../gcc-x.x.x/configure --enable-languages=c --target=powerpc-elf --disable-libssp --without-headers --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld --with-newlib
  6. Invoke make. This may fail. But most of the time, it fails during the tests so that you can install it even if the compile step fail.
  7. Install, invoke make install

Configure the POK toolchain

Issue make configure in the top directory of POK. If the toolchain is installed, it should print an appropriate message.